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Fixing Services

Fixing Services cover virtually any odd tasks, as these are the non specific tasks that other tradesmen do not undertake. We will supply all the smaller items needed for your home maintenance, items such as screws, tacks, tap washers, rawlplugs for walls, glues, filler etc. etc. What we don't carry are the major items such as new taps, copper pipe, paint etc. etc.

You would save time and money by making sure that you have any specific parts and materials you will require before we arrive. If you are unsure of the parts needed. Please provide us with a list of tasks to be performed.

We can then advise as to what should be purchased or ordered. We will be happy to collect particular parts for you if needed, everything we source using our expertise to select and find the right parts & materials for you, are charged extra to the task rate and are subject to a small mark-up.

Fixing Services provide a dedicated, professional and reliable service ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Our aim is to cause as little disruption as possible. Whatever your requirement, we will take your ideas and visions and convert them into practical solutions.

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